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CUYUNA    cuy u’ na          -noun  [kahy-yoo'-nah]

1. A contraction of the names: Cuyler (Adams) and Una (St. Bernard dog), co-discoverers of iron ore near Deerwood, MN in the late 1800′s. 2. A region near the towns of Crosby, Ironton, and Deerwood.  3. Of and relating to authentic Americana with quaint shopping villages specializing in antiques, gifts, and collectibles.  4. Regarding a quiet area of lakes and rivers in north central Minnesota, only fifteen minutes east of Brainerd.  5. Known locally as a place for unique outdoor activities including: trout fishing,biking, hiking, and exploring.  6. The site of Minnesota’s newest off-road mountain biking destination trail coming – summer 2010!

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